USS South Dakota

Screenshot of the Mission 3's stage 1

Java. An important strategic island chain. As Japanese Cruiser Squadrons move South to deal with ADBACOM Forces, primarily the Asiatic Fleet.

Note: Considered the worst defeat before the Battle of Midway.

Stage 1-

2 Minekaze class destroyer

1 Minekaze class destroyer (chance)

1 Minekaze Class Destroyer (different chance)

Stage 2-

1 Kuma class light cruiser

1 Kuma class light cruiser(chance)

1 Fubuki class destroyer

1 Fubuki class destroyer(chance)

1 Minekaze class destroyer(chance)

Stage 3-

1 Myokou class heavy cruiser

2 Kuma class light cruiser(chance)

1 Fubuki class destroyer

Stage 4

1 Kuma Class Light Cruiser

1 Kuma Class Light Cruiser(Chance)

1 Fubuki Class Destroyer

1 Fubuki Class Destroyer(Chance)

Stage ?-

1 Kongou Class Battleship(Chance of being Kongou 1914 instead)

1 Shimakaze Class Destroyer(Chance of being Minekaze instead)

Allied ships:

1 Northampton Class Heavy Cruiser (Stage 1,2)

1 Clemson Class Destroyer OR Escort (All stages)

1 Amazon D39 Class Destroyer (Stage 3)

1 Somers Class Destroyer (Stage 4, ? Chance)

1 Gearings Class Destroyer (Stage 2,? Chance)

1 Omaha Class Light Cruiser (Stage 4 Chance, Stage ?)

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