Japanese Cruiser Aboa

Aoba-class Heavy Cruiser

Affiliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 9,820
Main Guns 3 turrets (2 forward, 1 aft)
Sub Guns 4 turrets
Torpedoes 2 banks
Depth Charges if replace aft turret, can equip
Has Camouflage No
Cost 121,000
REXP 3,500
REXP Gain Rate 8%
Required Level 13
Upgraded From Shimakaze-class
Upgrades Into Takao-class, Myoko-class, Kaichu VI-class

The Aoba-class cruisers (青葉型巡洋艦 Aoba-gata jun'yōkan?) were a class of two heavy cruisers constructed for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) which saw service during World War II, consisting of the Aoba, and the Kinugasa.

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