Types of japanese Ships , Guns & Armor IN-Game Edit

First we will Learn about Japanese Guns IN-GAME , There are Varieties of Guns of this nation the thing is it have range and Exact Firepower to sink any Ship it engages.

Screenshot - 9 28 2015 , 11 47 48 PM


For example this Yamato's Gun 18.9" , It have the power that no any other High Tier Could Have.

Over 45,000+ Damage & Penetration of the shell that no any modification of armor could survived.

But the other 2 guns available for the ship is Over 35,000+ - 37,000- Damage

the 18.1" <= Real Yamato's Gun & The 20.1" the 1945 gun of Yamato After its Remodel. it runs 26 knts Full Load w/ the Ammo in the picture & Armored By 20" Deck & 21" Belt. She is Powerfull in Broadsiding Ships but not in the Crossing T In-Game or what they called Pencil Style.


Well known as Fast & Deadly Cruiser Killer's or Battle-Cruisers , In the Japanese Navy Tec. Tree - The Game have 2 [BATTLE-CRUISER] Kongo Class 1914 & The AMAGI Class.

Screenshot - 9 29 2015 , 12 17 16 AM

Now this a Photo Shows a Powerful Battle-Cruiser - Amagi Class

In your First Visual at this Ship its More-likely a Battleship but its considered as Battle-Cruiser cause of its Speed & Armor , it is a Paper ship Planned to be built but Converted to an Aircraft Carrier. It Carried 5 16" Gun - same as Nagato's Gun IN-GAME.

I Advice to use 12.5" Deck & 13.5" Belt For the Ship or Better , it can Carry that armor with a Reduced Gun ammo of main turrets & Sub turrets.

Actually the Same as Yamato - its Better in Broadsiding Enemy.


Possibly Fast , Sometime's Slower Than a Battle-Crusier. But in Japanese Tec. Heavy Cruiser's Can Take the job of CB , The Japanese CA-[Cruiser-Armored] Have a Fantastic Design & Gun's It Also Carrie's Torpedo's That Can sink a battleship by a Luck.

Screenshot - 9 29 2015 , 12 47 19 AM

and Here is Mogami Class(CA) armed with 7.9" Guns that are probably Deadly weapon..

The CA have a normal Armor that can counter HE shells Below 5" or so..

It runs at the speed of 33 knts in Full Load , The Armor is Just Fine But every Player have different Idea's How to Increase it .

The Mogami (CA) in The Photo Have an advance armor of 5.2" Deck & 4.5" Front / 5.2" the Rest.

(I'll Continue This Sometime ^o^)

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