• Void Samukai

    Thought I make this blog.

    As the title suggests, this blog is dedicated for players that want to do reviews on the ships they play in this game. Do you have a ship that is so good you want to sing its praises and what makes it so good, or a ship so bad you need to let others know why it is so bad? Or maybe you just want to state your overall view about a certain ship. Well here, you can do such a thing.

    Please post your reviews here, as it would make the comment section of each ship not a massive bunch of overviews. This way, all reviews are in one place for all to see.

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  • Void Samukai

    With so many ships in the game, there are bound to be a few ships that shine above the rest of their kind. In this blog, discuss which ship is the best ship in the game level for level (or higher if the ship is that good), as well as your favourite ship, regardless if it is good or bad for its level. If you want to, you can even tell others why this ship is your choice and how to best play it.

    In terms of the best ship, think about the strengths of the ships and the weaknesses. How do they balance? Is this ship capable of taking down ships of the same level or even above.

    In terms of favourite ship, which traits of the ship (speed, firepower, agility, HP etc) do you like about it so much that you would play it forever even if it is a bad shi…

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    The 1.7 Update

    December 26, 2015 by DJDJD

    there are many players are thinking about the upcoming update on next year some think that Aircraft Carrier Should be added while the developers had already shown some contents of the updates which shown a Shirayutsu class Destroyer and Graphic improvements along with AI destroyers have torpedoes while some players think that there are range changes on the current ships along with the french navy along with Filter on the In-game chat room currently there are many players are breaking the chat rules Note: I'm not interving with some current issues with the game but this is just a Blog post of mine

    Happy Sailing on The High Seas Mate!


    Admiral Killer of TRF

    Here are some photos that the developers revealed Recently: 

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  • PhantomXT Ace Mx


    December 9, 2015 by PhantomXT Ace Mx

    Hello! I've been looking through the wiki pages and an idea made itself present.

    Here's the background of the proposal:

    In another wiki, we would write reviews from each other's perspective about any ship we'd get.

    We'd review the ship's armament, armor, maneuverability and sometimes... Even the looks of the ship.

    This post may not be that formal for a proposal, but it gets to the point which is the following:

    What if we implemented a review for each ship? Perhaps not on the ship's page, but another page that is linked to the main page of the ship, the new page would contain the point of view from any wiki member that has commanded said ship.

    These are my two cents, I hope the community gives their point of view about this.

    - Phantom

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  • Lol Seneca

    Recent 1.7 Hype.

    November 27, 2015 by Lol Seneca

    So....ello there

    A recent hype going around NFL is the release of 1.7.

    I don't really care much, until I saw the Facebook posts. The game was entirely redesigned graphics-wise.

    Then, the so-called hype increased, It's basically a normal thing to do now to ask when 1.7 is coming out. 

    I want to try and bind theories together, starting with the Wiki's editors.

    So, leave predictions, I really want to see your theories.

    Seeya around. and fair seas to you!

    -Lol Seneca

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  • Void Samukai

    Subs vs Battleships

    November 8, 2015 by Void Samukai

    Which class of ships takes more skills to make effective? The slow but deadly and stealthy submarine, or the big, bad powerhouse called the battleship along with the fast and well armed battlecruiser?

    Plz discuss here

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  • AdmiralMinecart

    In 1895,When The Japanese Defeated China Japanese controlled the Liaodong Peninsula were a Sea-port called Port Arthur and this port is very important to russians because its the only non Russian port on the pacific that the Russian fleet can go to refuel and etc.

    Then The japs are worried of the expansion projects of the russia so they reenforce there navy and attack the russian empire,then the Russo-Japanese war began

    Russia and its 2nd Pacific Squadron are in a journey covering 20,000 miles of sea,then Vice Admiral Rozhestvensky decided that he will take a shortcut to go back to vladivostok

    Morning of May 14 1905 The Russian 2nd pacific squadron didnot even try to hide from the japanese

    Participants of the battle:

    Russian 2nd Pacific Squadro…

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