Conte di Cavour-class Battleship
Conte di Cavour class 2016-01-24

Conte di Cavour class battleship

Affiliation Regia Marina
Max. Displacement 25,086
Main Guns 5 turrets (2 forward, 2 aft, 1 mid-ship)
Sub Guns 16 turrets (8 per side)
Torpedoes N/A
Depth Charges N/A
Has Camouflage Yes (1)
Cost 705,420
REXP 31,500
REXP Gain Rate 5%
Required Level 37
Upgraded From Dante Alighieri-class, Zara class
Upgrades Into Conte di Cavour (1940) class

Note : This page refers to the Conte di Cavour class before reconstruction in 1940

See here for the refitted ones.

History Edit

The Conte di Cavour class battleships were dreadnoughts built by the Italian navy for use in World War I (however, none fought the war). There were only 3 of these dreadnoughts built, the Conte di Cavour, the Giulio Cesare and the Leonardo da Vinci. The battleships were built in response to the French building their Courbet-class battleships. The Leonardo da Vinci was sunk by a mine in 1916, leaving 2 ships. The two ships (the Conte di Cavour and the Giulio Cesare) were refitted in the years 1933-1937. The two ships saw action during World War 2. The Conte di Cavour was sunk during the Battle of Taranto, and the Giulio Cesare was after being hit by a mine.

Conte di Cavour class (Contedi Cavour) 2016-02-13

Conte di Cavour camouflage priced around 130 gold