The Flori
Naval Front-Line 2015-09-20 20-16-18-09
da Class Battleship
Affilation United States Navy
Max Displacement 23,033
Main Gun 5 (2 Forward, 3 Aft)
Sub Gun 6 slot(secondary arnament or torpedoes)
Torpedo 6
Depth Charge nil
Camoflauge No
Cost 284700
REXP 9500
Required Level 23
Upgraded From Indiana Class
Upgraded To New York Class Battleship

The Florida were the third of 10 separate classes built between 1906 and 1919, a total of 22 battleships being commissioned.

In Game Florida Can Eqiup the 2x12"/45 Gun Mark 6, as so to the 2x13"/35 Cal Gun not to mention the 3x8"/55 Cal Gun used by Baltimore, As for the Torpedo the Florida class can equip 2x21" Mark 8 making her one of Battleship whose can wield Torpedo in game(other Battleship which can Equip torpedo are: Nelson,New York, Lord Nelson, Indiana, Shikishima), Although its not Effective to use the Torpedo in Battleship, the least is one of Good Self Defence you can used.
  • 2x13"/35 Caliber Gun
  • 2x12"/45 Gun Mark 6
  • 3x8"/55 Caliber Gun
  • Florida's Gun Catalog