Fubuki-class Destroyer
Afilliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 2,050
Main Guns 3 turrets (1 forward, 2 aft)
Sub Guns Nil
Torpedoes 3 banks along centreline
Depth Charges 2 rails aft
Has Camouflage No
Cost 5,100
REXP 300
REXP Gain Rate 10%
Required Level 3
Upgraded From Minekaze-class
Upgrades Into Akizuki-class

The Fubuki-class destroyers (吹雪型駆逐艦 Fubukigata kuchikukan?) was a class of twenty-four destroyers of the Imperial Japanese Navy.[1] The Fubuki class has been described as the world's first modern destroyer.[2] The Fubuki class not only set a new standard for Japanese vessels, but for destroyers around the world. At a time when British and American destroyers had changed little from their un-turreted, single-gun mounts and light weaponry, the Japanese destroyers were bigger, more powerfully armed, and faster than any similar class of vessel in the other fleets. They remained formidable opponents to the end of World War II, despite being much older than many of their adversaries