There are 5 game modes available in Naval Front-Line.

Normal Mission Edit

A Normal mission is where a player can bring one escort ship and a flagship to fight against AI-controlled ships, as long as the player doesn't exceed the tonnage limit, which differs between missions. Missions are designed to simulate real combat scenarios, ie. Battle of the Denmark Strait. Because of this, your ships in this mode are restricted to fight on their respective side during WW2.

Currently there are 13 missions, 7 Allies and 6 Axis missions availble to choose. More experienced players mostly use Missions as a way to farm experience and Research Experience (REXP).

  • USA : 1 · 2 · 3 · 4
  • Japan : 1 · 2 · 3 · 4
  • Great Britain : 1 · 2
  • Germany : 1 · 2
  • USSR : 1

Tutorial Edit

In the Tutorial, the player is taught the basic controls of a ship which are: camera handling, maneuveuring, aiming, focusing fire, and gun firing, along with torpedoes.

Versus Edit

While Normal missions are where the Player fights AI's, Versus is where the Player can fight other Players. The player's participating in one room is capped to 12 Players, regardless of the ship type. Balancing mechanism in this mode is based on Battle Rating (the bigger the ship, the more BR), so it's possible to find yourself in a 2 vs 10 match, as long as the BR is balanced, you will have the opportunity to come out of the battle victorious.

BB VS WiFi Edit

This mode is the same concept as Versus, but ship participating is limited to Battleships and Battlecruisers only.

Fleet War Edit

Fleet war is a mode restricted to Saturday and Sunday, where each Fleet can fight each other to take over a Harbour. Each Harbor gives an extra 5% REXP bonus. For more information about battle time hours, check the harbour menu in the game.

To play this mode, Players must clear several conditions first. Firstly, a player must join a fleet and be in a squad of 3 players as a minimum. Secondly, each squad member must be in the same fleet and in the same harbour. To move between harbours, open the fleet menu, then open harbour tab, then select the harbour you want to move and finally click "move". It takes 90s to move between each harbour. Make sure your squad has the same (or lower) BR requirement of the harbour you're going to attempt to conquer. After all the conditions are met, you can start capturing or defending your harbour during specific battle times in each harbour.