H class Battleship

H-class Battleship

Afilliation Kriegsmarine
Max. Displacement 63650
Main Guns 4 turrets (2 fore, 2 aft)
Sub Guns 14 turrets (7 per side)
Torpedoes No
Depth Charges No
Has Camouflage Yes
Cost 5,500,000
REXP 100,000
REXP Gain Rate 2%
Required Level 60
Upgraded From Bismarck-class
Upgrades Into N/A

This ship was originally a German experimental project to build large battleships with the goal of defeating the British Home Fleet. This project was called Plan Z, but in the German Military archives, it was called project "Schlachtschiff H Projekt". This ship is armed with 16" Guns which Germany had already built after the successfully launched coastal defense fort, armed with this gun in order to defend the Atlantic Mainland from Allied Forces. This gun is also known as the "Adolf Gun". This ship design is similar to the Bismarck's, with enlarged proportions and boasts more powerful armament, additional secondary batteries, and more powerful engines. This project consisted of five ships using different armaments, one with 16" guns, another using 17" guns, two using 19" guns, and one that would have been using the largest ever mounted a warship, the 20" gun. This project study began in the early days of WWII. The project cancelled in the 1944 due to the dangerous position of the Germans, and there was no chance to build the ship because that year, the Kriegsmarine were utterly crushed by British Home Fleet, and shortages on fuel and lesser available manpower made its completion an impossibility. Were this ship to be launched in the war, the H-class would have been the largest ship that the Germans have ever built, and by far the largest ship built by any nation in the Atlantic. At war's end, much of the information regarding the project was lost, likely due to the destruction of records on part of the Germans, similar to how the Japanese did for the Yamato-class battleships.


  • Very high accuracy when using 16' guns, Very low vertical spread when using 16.5" guns.
  • Very high turret traverse with 16" turrets.
  • High damage per shot.
  • Somewhat high top speed


  • Very low turning response and acceleration, one of the worst of all lv60 battleships.
  • Low total damage.
  • Its top speed is extremely hard to increase even when extensive modifications were made.