Royal Navy
Max Displacement 51,520 Tons
Main Guns 4 (2 Forward, 2 Aft)
Sub Guns 8 (4 Each Sides)
Torpedoes N/A
Depth Charge N/A
Camoflauge Yes (One)
Cost 5000000
REXP 90000
Required Level 55
Upgraded To N/A
Upgraded From Admiral Class Battlecruiser

HMS Vanguard was a British Fast Battleship built during World War II and commsisoned after the war. She was the only ship of her class and was the biggest, fastest and last of the Royal Navy Battleship,and the final Battleship to be lauhced in the world.

In The Game HMS Vanguard is one of Fast Battleship that has a Many Builds, Troughly the HMS Vanguard is a Level 55 Battleship thus making her a 5.5 Ship but once she Reach to the Level 60 then She will open her full potential self as a Fast Battleship.

The Vanguard in game has a Lot of Build Starting from the 2x15"/42 BL Mark 2 to the 2x15"/42 I/N RP 12(SC), so it is Up to you to pick which styles you prefer. The Speed of Vanguard is good with an Armor that can held into 20"/30" but her only flawed is her Manuveribility which can be very slow. However the Vanguard must have a trait of Fast Battleship if its want to dominate, Speed Firepower and not much of an Armor is needed.
  • 2x15"/42 Mark 2 Info
  • The Long range 3x16"/ BL Mark II Info
  • Vanguard's 2x15"/42 Mark I/N RP 12 (SC)
  • 3x16/ BL Mark I
  • Vanguard's 2x15"/42 Mark I/N RP 12
  • The Vanguard Can Equip KGV'S 4x14" gun
  • Vanguard's Catalog Guns (1)
  • Vangaurd's Catalog Gun (2)
  • Vanguard's Camo 1 priced 170 Gold