The first Invasion of the Philippines is here, and your taskforce is heading the charge! This is not a easy task, so a Battleship, Yamashiro, will be assigned with you.

Stage 1-

2 Somers Class Destroyers

Note: Equipped with 4x2 5 inch Cannons, not historical, but, eh.

1 Indiana Class Pre-Dreadnought (beached)

4 Coastal Batteries (British 3x6" Guns on land)

Stage 2-

1 Brooklyn Class Light Cruiser

1 Indiana Class Pre-Dreadnought

1 Florida Class Dreadnought

Gato-Class Submarine (Chance, may need confirmation)

Stage 3-

1 Colorado Class Battleship

1 Brooklyn Class Light Cruiser

2 Indiana Class Pre-Dreadnought

Stage 4-

1 Colorado Class Battlship

1 Brooklyn Class Cruiser (need confirmation)

?? Coastal Batteries (need number)

Stage ??-

2 Indiana Class Pre-Dreadnoughts

1 Florida Class Dreadnought

1 Colorado Class Battleship


1 Fusou Class Dreadnought (Stages 1,2,3,4)

1 Fubuki Class Destroyer OR Escort (All stages)

3 Troop Transports/ Marus (Stage 1)