Heavy Cruiser Kirov

Kirov class Heavy Cruiser

Affiliation the Soviet Navy
Max. Displacement 9,436
Main Guns 180 mm guns B-1-P ×3×3 (three turrets MK-3)
Sub Guns 6 guns B-34 in six turrets
Torpedoes 2 banks - 533 mm triple torpedoes launchers 39-U
Depth Charges BMB-1 depth charges ×2
In-game weapon slots main guns×3, sub guns×6, torpedoes×2, depth charges×2
Has Camouflage Yes, cost 75 gold
REXP Gain Rate 8%
Required Level 23
Upgraded From Krasny Kavkaz light cruiser
Upgrades Into Sevastopol (Gangut) class

The red cruiser "Kirov" — heavy cruiser of the project 26.


The project was completed in Italy and was based on the project of the cruiser "Raimondo montecuccoli". Laid on the stocks on 11 July 1934. Adopted into the fleet on 25 September 1938. During world war 2 acted on the Baltic sea, participated in the defense of Leningrad. After the war was a training ship.

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