Originally Kuma-class light cruisers, Ooi and Kitakami were extensively remodeled, most of their mid superstructure was removed to make way for a huge number of torpedo tubes, and thus were reclassified as torpedo cruisers.

The Kitakami-class torpedo cruisers are premium ships in the game, purchaseable only with gold.

Not to be confused with the Kuma-Class Light Cruiser.

Although a way of saying Kitakami's and Ooi's Class might be Kitakami, a more formal way of this class is "Kuma Class Torpedo Cruisers."

Japanese cruiser Kitakami 1945

Kitakami-class Torpedo Cruiser

Afilliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 5,926
Main Guns 7 turrets (5 along centreline, 2 per side forward)
Sub Guns Nil
Torpedoes 10 banks (5 per side)
Depth Charges Nil
Has Camouflage No
Cost 400 Gold
REXP Gain Rate 99%
Required Level Nil
Starting Level 12
Upgraded From N/A
Upgrades Into N/A

Note: The torpedo banks and spaces for secondary weapons are the same slots- meaning that the Kitakami-class can have up to 10 torpedo banks, or 10 secondary guns, but not both at the same time. Above table represents her default configuration.