Leone-class destroyer

Leone class 2016-01-27

Leone-class destroyer

Affiliation Regia Marina
Max. Displacement 2648
Main Guns 4 turrets (1 forward, 1 aft, 2 midship)
Sub Guns N/A
Torpedoes 2
Depth Charges 2 rails aft
Has Camouflage N/A
Cost 0
REXP Gain Rate 10%
Required Level 1
Upgraded From N/A
Upgrades Into Oriani-class

History Edit

The Leone class destroyer were 3 destroyers built in the early 1920s for the Regia Marina. They were; Leone, Tigre and Pantera. The three ships participated in the East Africa Campaign in WWII. The ships attacked an Allied convoy in 1940 (but failed). Their final mission for the three ships was for them to attack the Suez canal. They were all sunk.