Battle of Denmark Strait pic

Screenshot of the final stage taken by the developers ( ships included in the photo : Bismarck Class Admiral Class and King George V Class)

Convoys have been supplying Britain for 1 years. Nonetheless, we need to have a deterrent to make the Arctic Convoys halt. That's where you come in, break through British Defenses, and complete Operation


Stage 1-

1 Dido Class Light Cruiser

1 L-Class Destroyer

3 Transports

Stage 2-

2 York Class Heavy Cruisers

2 Dido-Class Light Cruisers

Stage 3-

2 Dido Class Light Cruisers

1 L-Class Destroyers

2 County Class Heavy Cruisers

Stage 4-

1 Admiral/Hood Class Battlecruiser

1 King George V Class Battleship (note 10 14" Cannons, not 12)


Prinz Eugen (All stages)

One Type 1936A Class Destroyer OR Escort