The second mission in the Japanese story. After Pearl, a Destroyer Squadron encounters a Cruiser Floatilla.

Stage 1

2 Clemson Class Warships

1 Gearing Class Warships (beached)

Stage 2

3 Clemson Class Warships

Stage 3


2 Clemson Class Warships

1 Omaha Class Warship (beached)

1 Brooklyn Class Warship (beached)


Escort or Fubuki Class Warship


I've noticed if done correctly as a sub, the Destroyers will only focus on your escort, and I only got hit as a submarine once due to a inaccurate shot on my Fubuki Escort. This means that if you can't do Mission 2-Germany, you can grind here. I got Type L4 from Kaichu VI by only grinding here.

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