The Historic battle of Java, one of the disasters in the Pacific War.

Note: The Northampton Class has only 2 turrets, instead of 3

The Nelson Class has no secondary turrets, so flanking should be easy.

Also nice to look around because sometimes they spawn behind you.

Stage 1

3 Clemson Class Warships

1 Amazon D39 (Chance)

Stage 2

1 Omaha Class Warship

2 Clemson Class Warships

1 Clemson Class (Chance)

1 O-Class (Chance)

Stage 3


1 Northampton Class

1 York Class

1 O-Class (Chance)

1 Clemson Class (Chance)

Stage 4

2 Omaha Class Warships

1 O-Class Warship (Chance)

1 Clemson Class Warship (Chance)


1 Nelson Class Warship

1 O-Class Warship (Chance)

1 Clemson Class Warship (Chance)


1 Myoko Class Warship (Stages 1,2, and 3)

Escort (All Stage) or Fubuki Class Warship (stages 1,2,3 and 4)/Shimakaze Class Warship (Stage ?)

1 Agano Class Warship (Stages 4 and ?)

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