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 Nagato-class Battleship
Affiliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 42,850
Main Guns 4 turrets (2 forward, 2 aft)
Sub Guns 16 turrets 
Torpedoes Nil
Depth Charges Nil
Has Camouflage Yes (2)
Cost 300,720
REXP 45,000
REXP Gain Rate 5%
Required Level 45
Upgraded From Fuso-class
Upgrades Into Yamato-class

The Nagato-class dreadnought battleships were built for the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War 1, but were not completed until after the war's end. Nagato was completed 25 November 1920 The Nagato often served as the flagship of the IJN, and was one of the very ships that survived the annihilation of the IJN by the end of the Second World War to be used as a target ship for the USA's nuclear tests. The Nagato survived the nuclear explosion, but sprung a leak and sank the following day. Her sister ship Mutsu was completed on 24 October 1921. Mutsu saw more action than the Nagato due to her symbol as the flagship of the Combined Fleet, but was sunk in port by an explosion in her 3rd turret magazine, allegedly by a disgruntled sailor.

In-game, the Nagato-class battleship is able to equip heavy armor and respectable artillery.


  • Higher range than most ships of its tier.
  • Decent armor, at least when compared to amagi-class battlecruiser.
  • Low Battle Rating.
  • High fire rate.


  • Low damage per salvo, low total damage.
  • Somewhat slow.
  • Inaccurate.
  • Nagato's Black / Night Battle Camo
  • Nagato Camo 1
  • 2x16"/45 3rd Year Type
  • 3x12.2/50 B Type 0
  • Nagato's Gun Catalog