Remember that These nickname Below might be diffrent from what you have known

Pepsi-Cola = Pensacola

Yammy = Yamato

Naggie = Nagato

Amy = Amagi (1944)

Monty = Montana

Fletchy = Fletcher

Tin-Can = Clemson or Minekaze

Big 7 = 7 Battleships armed with 16" guns during the Washington Naval Treaties, they were allowed to keep their guns instead of scrapping them for tiny 14"

Kit-Kat/ Ktkm = Kitakami

Shimakaze = Shima

Fubuki = Bucky (obvious Kancolle reference)

Akizuki = ASW Akizuki

Kaichu VI = PiKaichu

O-Class = Confusion Overload....

S-Class = Confusion Overload......

North Carolina = NC

South Dakota = SD, SoDak, Battleship X

Io/ Lowa = Iowa

Litto = Littorio

Mighty Mont = Montana

Crapvada = Nevada

Balty = Baltimore

Indy = Indiana

Hippie = Admiral Hipper

Stalinium ship = Soviet battleship/battlecruiser

Queen Lizzy, QE, Lizzy = Queen Elizabeth

KGV = King George V

Naval FrontLine = NFL

Wallet Warrior = any Premium/Event ship

Mighty Hood = HMS Hood (refit)

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