Northampton Heavy Cruiser Class
Afilliation United States Navy
Max displacement 9,050 tons
Main Guns  3( 2 Forward, 1 aft)
Sub Guns  8 (8 amidship)
Torpedoes N/A
Depth Charges N/A
Camouflage N/A
Cost 172000
REXP 4200
Required Level 17
Upgraded from  Brooklyn class
Upgrades into  Portland class

The design of the ships was heavily influenced by the Washington Naval Treaty, which limited cruisers to a maximum of 10,000 tons displacement and a maximum main battery caliber of 8 inches (203 mm).

In the Game Northampton class is one of the Underdogs Cruiser, Though it's not much of an appealing the Northampton Can Sail from 28 knots to 32 Knots (Depend on the build), The Guns themselves Northampton Wields their Real 3x8", Armor wise they are pretty much follows the standard build of a heavy Cruisers 

Note: the top guns on the Northampton have a noticeably superior range to all low-tier battleships. It is possible to kill them without them ever firing on you. Make use of this.

  • Northampton's 3x8"/55 Cal
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