Upcoming Update Edit

Aircraft Carrier & French line. Time: TBA

Recent Update Edit

Beta Tests for 1.7/2.0

The beta test (since I don't think anyone here has it, so relying on Photos are as follows)

Only Cruisers and Battleships are usable.

There is a tab called "CV", the American Symbol for Carrier.

Submarines and Destroyers are still in the game, but not usable in the Beta.

Only the American Line and Japanese Lines are unlocked (like the old open beta, eh?)

America has the Colorado/Tennessee/New Mexico/Pennsylvania Class Battleship, North Carolina Class BB, and the Northampton Class Cruiser. As well as the Brooklyn Class in one of the Missions

Japan has the Myoko Class Cruiser, Amagi Class Battlecruiser, and the Fuso (1914) Class Super Dreadnought.

Waves. Just waves. :v

There's 2 health systems, one is for balancing the ship in the water (tilt or list) and another one (Insert DJ Khaled joke) is for actual deck damage.

Hatsuharu/Shiratsyuu Class has not been implemented although shown in the First Signs of 1.7. Now Naval Front Line 2 is released which was call world war battleship due to the test but will change back to NFL2

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