Upcoming Update Edit

Aircraft Carrier & French line. Time: TBA

Recent Update Edit

Beta Tests for 1.7/2.0

-The beta test (since I don't think anyone here has it, so relying on Photos are as follows)

-Only Cruisers and Battleships are usable.

-There is a tab called "CV", the American Symbol for Carrier.

-Submarines and Destroyers are still in the game, but not usable in the Beta.

-Only the American Line and Japanese Lines are unlocked (like the old open beta, eh?)

-America has the Colorado/Tennessee/New Mexico/Pennsylvania Class Battleship, North Carolina Class BB, and the Northampton Class Cruiser. As well as the Brooklyn Class in one of the Missions

-Japan has the Myoko Class Cruiser, Amagi Class Battlecruiser, and the Fuso (1914) Class Super Dreadnought.

-There's 2 health systems, one is for balancing the ship in the water (tilt or list) and another one is for actual deck damage.

-Hatsuharu/Shiratsyuu Class has not been implemented although shown in the First Signs of 1.7. Now Naval Front Line 2 is released which was call world war battleship due to the test but will change back to NFL2