Affiliation: Royal Navy

Displacement: 368000

HMS Renown

Renown Class Battlecruiser

Main Guns: 3 (two front 1 aft)

Renown Class Battlecruiser

Renown class Battlecruiser


Cost (Silver)


Cost (Level)


Cost (REXP)



Royal Navy/England

Sub Guns: 10( on Each Side)

Torpedoes: none

Depth Charge: none

Has Camofluage: none

Upgraded from: County class

Upgrades into: Queen Elizabeth class

Most Known ship of this class HMS Repulse was known to briefly to participate on the search for the German Battleship Bismarck and she was ordered to be on Force Z on the Pacific along with the battleship HMS Prince of Wales they were sent to the British Malaya to stop the Japanese landing troops but they were sunk by Japanese aircraft while underway in the south china sea only after three days after the Attack on Pearl Harbour