Founded in October 4, 2014
Nation Indonesia  
Admiral Fleet AdmiralVano
Size - August 12, 2017 50

Republic Indonesia Navy FleetEdit

Republic Indonesia Navy Fleet is First Indonesia Fleet in Naval Front-Line.

Founded in October 4, 2014 as group fleet before Fleet Feature coming, RINF Member using RINF Tag in the first sentence of ship name. Sometime we recruiting non-foreigner to our fleet and also welcomed for all Player in game who want join us.

Current Active Admiral in Fleet:

  • Aroxx V - Rear Admiral Lower Half
  • RINF Elite Team - Rear Admiral Lower Half
  • Santuy - Rear Admiral Lower Half
  • Akuila - Rear Admiral Lower Half
  • niznet - Rear Admiral Lower Half

Inactive Admiral in Fleet:

  • Koensigg - Grand Admiral
  • Megi - Vice Admiral
  • peter185 - Vice Admiral
  • generalUmar - Rear Admiral Upper Half
  • Hideki Tojo - Rear Admiral Upper Half
  • RINF Siliwangi - Rear Admiral Upper Half

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