The German battleship Bismarck has sunked our glorious Hood in the Battle of Denmark Strait. Our Prime Minister Winston Churchill has ordered ships to sink the Bismarck at all cost!

Note: All Allies are in all stages!

Stage 1

1 Leipzig Class Light Cruiser

3 Zerstorer 1936B Class Destroyer

2 Japanese Oilers

Stage 2

1 Nassau Class Battleship(Dreadnought)

2 Leipzig Class Light Cruiser

2 Zerstorer 1936B Class Destroyer

Stage 3

1 Deutschland Class Armored Heavy Cruiser

2 Leipzig Class Light Cruiser

2 Type VII U-boats

Stage 4: Boss

1 Bismarck Class Battleship

1 Prinz Eugen Class Heavy Cruiser

2 Type II U-boats


1 Renown Class Battlecruiser

1 Tribal Class Destroyer or Escort