S class
S Class SubmarineEdit
Afilliation United States Navy
Max. Displacement 1,062
Main Guns 1
Sub Guns N/A
Depth Charges N/A
Has Camouflage No
Cost //information required//
REXP //information required//
Required Level 28
Upgraded From O Class
Upgrades Into V-Boat (Barracudas)

The United StatesS-class submarines, often simply called S-boats (sometimes "Sugar" boats, after the then contemporary Navy phonetic alphabet for "S"), were the first class of submarines with a significant number built to United States Navy designs. Others of this class were built to contractor designs.

The United States Navy commissioned 51 S-class submarines from 1920 to 1925. The first S-boat, USS S-1 (SS-105), was commissioned in 1920 and the last numerically,USS S-51 (SS-162), in 1922. The last of the class actually commissioned was USS S-47 (SS-158) in 1925.

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