South Dakota

South Dakota class in dock

The South Dakota class was a group of four fast battleships built by the United States Navy. They were the second class of battleships to be named after the 40th State; the first designed in the 1920s and canceled under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty.

The class comprised four ships: South DakotaIndianaMassachusetts, and Alabama. They were more compact and better protected than the preceding North Carolina class, but had the same main battery, nine 16"/45 caliber Mark 6 guns in three-gun turrets. The ships can be visually distinguished from the earlier vessels by their single funnel, compared to twin funnels in the North Carolinas.

South Dakota class



Cost (Silver)

3519000(not exact value, but that's what I remember)

Cost (Level)


Cost (REXP)



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According to authors William Garzke and Robert Dulin, the South Dakota design was the best "treaty battleship" ever built.[1]

Construction began shortly before World War II, with Fiscal Year (FY) 1939 appropriations. Commissioning through the summer of 1942, the four ships served in both the Atlantic, ready to intercept possible German capital ship sorties, and the Pacific, in carrier groups and shore bombardments. All four ships were retired post-war; South Dakota and Indiana were scrapped,Massachusetts and Alabama retained as museum ships.

Displacement: 44519

Speed: Full load: 25.4 knots

Main guns: (3x) 3x16"/45 Mark 6 Gun

             Weight: 5800 at 54 AP&HE

             Range: ~331,8

             Damage: 2650 per barrel, 23850 total

             Reload: 18s

10 Sub guns slot

No torpedoes and ASW

2 Camouflages:

camo 1: +10% REXP, 120 golds

camo 2: +10% REXP, 120 golds

Table TBA

3 Main Turrets, 10 Secondaries, Nill Torps, Nill Depth Charges, also, South Dakota, not South Dekota - Lol Seneca