Heavy Cruiser Maya

Takao-class Heavy Cruiser

Affiliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 15,490
Main Guns 5 turrets (3 forward, 2 aft)
Sub Guns 4 turrets amidships, 2 per side
Torpedoes 4 banks
Depth Charges Nil
Has Camouflage No
Cost 259,500
REXP 9,100
Required Level 25
Upgraded From Aoba-class
Upgrades Into Kongo-class

The Takao is a Level 25 Heavy Cruiser. Designed with better Torpedo positioning, and more speed. Overall, four Takaos were built, Takao, Atago, Maya, and Chokai.

This page refers to the Non-premium Takao. To see more about the Cruiser Maya (1944), click here: