Tribal-class destroyer

Tribal class 2016-02-08

Tribal class destroyer

Affiliation Royal Navy
Max. Displacement 2505
Main Guns 4 guns (2 forward, 2 aft)
Sub Guns 4 guns
Torpedoes 1
Depth Charges 2 rails aft
Camouflage N/A
Cost 15000
REXP 1000
REXP Gain Rate 10%
Required Level 7
Upgraded From O-class
Upgrades Into Dido-class, L-class

History Edit

The Tribal class destroyer was a class of destroyers constructed for the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Australian Navy. They were the Royal Navy's shift to heavier gun armament than torpedo armament. They saw service in WW2 in all fronts. They would continue to serve in the Cold War and the Korean War. Only one ship survives to date (as a museum ship): the HMCS Haida.

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