Naval Front-Line is a MMORPG where you you take ready ships from WW1 to WW2 to fight against enemies.

Ship Tree:

How can you get a Sub/Submarine?

You may look in the game's tech/ship tree, using the Menu.

Except for Shchuka, all subs are level 18.

Fleet Wars:

What are Fleet Wars?

Fleet Wars are fights against Fleets to claim "Harbours", which gives an unidentifiable percentage to your rewards after battles. Although not doing boosts to REXP from some reports, they do a major boost to EXP and Silver.


What's a Fleet?

Fleets are organizations of Players to conquer Harbours, and role-playing Wars with another, hunting each other down in PvP.


How can I grind ships faster?

You either:

Get a Premium for your specific Faction



Is the next Update gonna include Carriers?

Chances are, NOPE. Please give time to the developers.

Is the next Update gonna include French Navy?

Maybe, we don't know, Although not really confirmed like the forementioned Question.

Please, any other commonly questions, you may edit this FAQ.

Lol Seneca, out.

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