Type II Uboat

Type II U-boat (Submarine)

Afilliation Kriegsmarine
Max. Displ 364
Main Guns None
Sub Guns None
Torpedoes 3 tubes forward
Anti Sub None
Has Camouflage None
Cost 565,100
REXP 18,000
Required Level 28
Upgraded From Type I U-Boat
Upgrades Into Type VII U-Boat

The Type II U-boat was designed by Germany as a coastal U-boat, modeled after the CV-707 submarine, which was designed by the Dutch dummy company NV Ingenieurskantoor voor Scheepsbouw den Haag (I.v.S) (set up by Germany after World War I in order to maintain and develop German submarine technology and to circumvent the limitations set by the Treaty of Versailles) and built in 1933 by the Finnish Crichton-Vulcan shipyard in Turku, Finland. It was too small to undertake sustained operations far away from the home support facilities. Its primary role was found to be in the training schools, preparing new German naval officers for command. It appeared in four sub-types.

Type II U-boat Basic Info

Max Speed F/B 14knt/6knt
Stop Time (14knt) 47sec
Stopping Distance N/A
Max Firing Depth 16.5m
Periscope Depth 8.8
Oxygen Time 8min 58sec
O2 Refill Time 2min 52sec