USS Pensacola

Afilliation United States Navy
Max displacement 11,512 tons
Main Guns  4 (2 Forward, 2 aft)
Sub Guns  8
Torpedoes N/A
Depth Charges N/A
Camouflage N/A
Cost 480 Gold
REXP Gain Rate 98%
Starting Level 22
Upgraded from N/A
Upgrades into N/A

USS Pensacola (CL/CA-24) of the United States Navy was the lead ship of Pensacola-class cruisers, later reclassified as a heavy cruiser. The third Navy ship to be named after the city of Pensacola, Florida, she was nicknamed the "Grey Ghost" by Tokyo Rose. She received 13 battle starsfor her service.

She was laid down by the New York Navy Yard on 27 October 1926, launched on 25 April 1929, sponsored by Mrs. Joseph L. Seligman, and commissioned on 6 February 1930, Captain Alfred G. Howe in command.[3]