The United States Navy is one of the six navies of Naval Front-line. The beginner class for the USN is the Clemson Class supply destroyer. There are 4 destroyers, 4 light cruisers, 3 heavy cruisers, 9 battleships and 3 submarines for this navy. Listed in order, the destroyers are: Clemson, Somers, Fletcher, and Gearing. The four light cruisers are: Atlanta, Omaha, Brooklyn, and Cleveland. The heavy cruisers are: Northampton, Portland, and Baltimore. The submarines are: O class, S class, and V-boat Barracuda subclass. The battleships are: Indiana, Florida, New York, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, South Dakota, Iowa and Montana. In addition to these, the USN has one premium heavy cruiser, the Pensacola. USN destroyers are known for speed, reload, and moderate torpedo armament. Cruisers are known for their heavy artillery, subs for their torpedo damage, and early battleships known for moderate armor and moderate damage while the higher tiers are known for high speed and artillery.