In 1895,When The Japanese Defeated China Japanese controlled the Liaodong Peninsula were a Sea-port called Port Arthur and this port is very important to russians because its the only non Russian port on the pacific that the Russian fleet can go to refuel and etc.

Then The japs are worried of the expansion projects of the russia so they reenforce there navy and attack the russian empire,then the Russo-Japanese war began

Russia and its 2nd Pacific Squadron are in a journey covering 20,000 miles of sea,then Vice Admiral Rozhestvensky decided that he will take a shortcut to go back to vladivostok

Morning of May 14 1905 The Russian 2nd pacific squadron didnot even try to hide from the japanese

Participants of the battle:

Russian 2nd Pacific Squadron                                                                                                                                   8 battleships

3 Coastal Battleships

3 Armored Cruisers

2 Large protected cruisers

3 Small protected cruisers

1 Cruiser 2nd Class

1 Auxiliary Cruiser

9 Destroyers

7 Support Vessels

Japanese Combined Fleet

4 Battleships 1st class

8 Armored Cruisers

2 Large Protected Cruisers

10 Small Protected Cruisers

1 Battleship Second class

3 Cruisers 2nd Class

3 Torp. Cruisers (aviso)

21 Destroyers

43 Torp Boats

In the First 15 mins of the battle Admiral Toro's Flagship Mikasa (that shikishima at the game)is hit by 19 large and medium caliber shells

Aurora (Bogatyr at the game)joined the battle 40 mins after it started,the ship is heavily targeted byjapanese ships but it managed to break through vladivostok.

Battle Loses:

Russian 2nd pacific squadron:

out of 37 russian ships

19 are sunk by the japanese

2 are blown by there own crew(so that japs cant capture it)

13 ships captured by the japanese

only 3 broke through vladivostok (including Aurora)

Out of 14334 sialors and officers

5015 died

803 injured

6106 captured

Japanese Combined Fleet

Out of 91 ships

only 3 torp boats are sunk and 699 sailors and seamen both killed or injured

                           Thats why russia didnot intern have a powerful fleet.

SUBSRIBE TO Sean Ortigosa at youtube..

You may search the battle of Tsushima to prove that this is true :D

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