USS North Carolina2014

North Carolina Class in 1.7 update

IJN Fuso

The Fuso Class as it appeared in 1.7 version

there are many players are thinking about the upcoming update on next year some think that Aircraft Carrier Should be added while the developers had already shown some contents of the updates which shown a Shirayutsu class Destroyer and Graphic improvements along with AI destroyers have torpedoes while some players think that there are range changes on the current ships along with the french navy along with Filter on the In-game chat room currently there are many players are breaking the chat rules Note: I'm not interving with some current issues with the game but this is just a Blog post of mine

Happy Sailing on The High Seas Mate!


Admiral Killer of TRF

Here are some photos that the developers revealed Recently: 
USS Northampton

Northampton Class Heavy Cruiser as shown in 1.7 update

Naval Frontline 1.7 Update

New Dock System in 1.7 update

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