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    December 9, 2015 by PhantomXT Ace Mx

    Hello! I've been looking through the wiki pages and an idea made itself present.

    Here's the background of the proposal:

    In another wiki, we would write reviews from each other's perspective about any ship we'd get.

    We'd review the ship's armament, armor, maneuverability and sometimes... Even the looks of the ship.

    This post may not be that formal for a proposal, but it gets to the point which is the following:

    What if we implemented a review for each ship? Perhaps not on the ship's page, but another page that is linked to the main page of the ship, the new page would contain the point of view from any wiki member that has commanded said ship.

    These are my two cents, I hope the community gives their point of view about this.

    - Phantom

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