With so many ships in the game, there are bound to be a few ships that shine above the rest of their kind. In this blog, discuss which ship is the best ship in the game level for level (or higher if the ship is that good), as well as your favourite ship, regardless if it is good or bad for its level. If you want to, you can even tell others why this ship is your choice and how to best play it.

In terms of the best ship, think about the strengths of the ships and the weaknesses. How do they balance? Is this ship capable of taking down ships of the same level or even above.

In terms of favourite ship, which traits of the ship (speed, firepower, agility, HP etc) do you like about it so much that you would play it forever even if it is a bad ship compare to others of the same level.

The types of ships in the game:



Heavy Cruiser

Light Cruiser



Please discuss down below and give your voice over.

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