Affilation United States Navy
Max Displacement 2119
Main Gun 1 turret forward
Sub Gun No
Torpedo 6 tubes (4 forward, 2 aft)
Depth Charge No
Camoflauge No
Cost 670,880
REXP 35,000
Required Level 39
Upgraded From S Class (USN)
Upgraded To N/A

The Barracudas class was the first of the V-boats (a series of submarine designs built by the United States after World War I). The were three ships in this class: V-1(Barracuda),V-2(Bass), and V-3(Bonita). It is the largest submarine class in the game, being 104 meters long. Surfaced, they reached speeds of 21 knots, enough to keep up with capital ships of that age. Later, ships became faster, and as such, they no longer were able to keep up with the fleet. In 1945, the first two boats were sold for scrap, and the third was used as a sonar target.