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To Do Edit

  • Ship\Hull Info
  • Weapon Info
  • Background 2
  • Logo and Icon 2
  • Game Mechanism 1
  • Grammar and Vocab Repair


1May be divided by In-Game and General Mechanism. In-Game mech, i.e Accuracy, Armor, Capture. General Mechanism, i.e Repair, REXP, Customization.

2To attract more participant, and eye candy too.

Long Time To Do Edit

  • Integrated Ship and Weapon stats
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Fleet's
  • More Image
  • PVP and Mission Map
  • Poll
  • Harbour Map

Templates Edit

  • Basic Ship Info Table example
Fubuki-class Destroyer
Afilliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 2,050
Main Guns 3 turrets (1 forward, 2 aft)
Sub Guns None
Torpedoes 3 banks along centreline
Anti Sub 2 rails aft depth charge
Has Camouflage No
Cost 5,100
REXP 300
Required Level 3
Upgraded From Minekaze-class
Upgrades Into Akizuki-class

  • Basic Weapon Info Table example
2 x 5"/40 Caliber DP Gun
Afilliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Level 10
Weight 25
Range 25.1
Damage 55
Reload 1.5s
Cost 500
Magazine 1400