Yakov Sverdlov

Yakov Sverdlov

Afilliation Soviet Navy
Max. Displacement 1.760
Main Guns 4 turrets (1 Forward, 3 Behind)
Sub Guns 3 turrets (Can be Torpedoes)
Torpedoes 3
Depth Charges 2 rails aft
Has Camouflage No
Cost 0
Required Level 0
Upgraded From N/A
Upgrades Into Gnevny-class

Yakov Sverdlov was a destroyer of the Soviet Navy that served in the Baltic Fleet duringWorld War I and World War II. Originally known as Novík, she was renamed Yakov Sverdlov in 1923. She was a training ship when Operation Barbarossa began, but was recalled to active duty the following day. She struck a mine on 28 August 1941 and sank while escorting an evacuation convoy from Tallinn to Kronstadt.

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