Yamato-class Battleship
Afilliation Imperial Japanese Navy
Max. Displacement 72,810
Main Guns 3 turrets (2 forward, 1 aft)
Sub Guns 10 turrets (4 in diamond arrangement, 3 per side)
Torpedoes N/A
Depth Charges N/A
Camouflage Yes (1)
Cost 5,500,000
REXP 100,000
REXP Gain Rate 2%
Required Level 60
Upgraded From Amagi-class, Nagato-class
Upgrades Into N/A

The Yamato-class battleships were the heaviest and the most powerfully armed in World War II, being fitted with the largest naval guns ever mounted on a warship, with three triple 46 centimeter (18.1 inch) turrets. She and her sister ship Musashi are the largest battleships (and by extension, the largest warships) ever built, although the United States' Iowa-class ships are longer than the Yamato-class, while they had a wider beam and deeper draft. Built in great secrecy, Yamato and Musashi were the pride of the IJN. A third ship was planned, however the hull was converted into an aircraft carrier when it was half-finished, which came to be the aircraft carrier Shinano. All three ships met sad ends; Shinano was torpedoed and sunk quickly by USS Sealion when she was sailing to Kure for her final fitting-out (she was completely unarmed), Musashi was sunk by heavy aircraft bombing in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, and Yamato was finally sunk during Operation Ten-Go while fighting off US planes. Musashi took almost 4 hours of heavy aircraft attack before sinking while Yamato lasted about 2 hours against an even larger aircraft force, and both ships took on tremendous damage thought impossible - at least 20 bombs and torpedoes each before sinking.

The in-game incarnation of the Yamato-class refers to the Yamato or Musashi as designed. Over the course of the war, both ships had a few secondary turrets removed to accommodate more AA guns to boost their effectiveness against aircraft.


  • THE big gun, easily outdamaging most lv60 battleships, regardless of which guns are used.
  • Very high HP, along with very high armor.
  • Maneuvers fairly well for a ship of its size.


  • THE big target.
  • Accuracy is questionable, unless 18.9" guns are used.
  • Slow, and its top speed can barely increase with modifiactions.
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